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Roberts Law Office Injury Podcast

May 10, 2022

Episode 37: Attorney Jeff Roberts handles social security disability insurance claims (SSDI), Kentucky workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims.  Today’s episode will focus on SSDI and the various considerations regarding whether a person receives SSDI benefits.

Can Jeff Roberts Handle My Claim if I Live Outside of Calloway County?

Yes.  Jeff has a regional practice.  However, in terms of Social Security Disability claims, these are federal programs.  He is licensed to handle social security cases in all 50 states.  He’s handled social security cases in Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Alabama and others.

We hope you found this episode insightful and helpful.  Thank you for listening!

Is It Time to Speak with an Attorney about Your Social Security Disability Claim?

The office phone number is (270) 753-0053.  For more information, visit This podcast is meant to provide information and is not legal advice.  Jeff’s principal office is located at 509 Main Street, Murray, Kentucky.  Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson.  This is an advertisement.