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Roberts Law Office Injury Podcast

Mar 31, 2022

Episode 35: Kentucky personal injury attorney Jeff Roberts grew up in Mayfield, KY.  The December 10, 2021 tornado devastated this city and many of the lives of the people who live there.  There are currently a number of Western Kentucky tornado lawsuits underway, for various reasons.  Jeff provides his insights into what happened, why the lawsuits are happening and what the outcomes may be for the litigants.

Important Disclaimer:  This is a sensitive topic for many people either living in the Mayfield area, or those whose families were affected by the December 10th tornado.  This episode was recorded to provide people with information.  It is not intended, in any way, to solicit business resulting from this tragic event.  Nor is it intended to try to influence factors related to the lawsuits. 

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The office phone number is (270) 753-0053.  For more information, visit This podcast is meant to provide information and is not legal advice.  Jeff’s principal office is located at 509 Main Street, Murray, Kentucky.  Co-host Jim Ray is a non-attorney spokesperson.  This is an advertisement.